Argan Oil Against Psoriasis

Patients with psoriasis usually undergo a true random walk through the offer of ointments, creams and lotions that are supposed to heal or at least soothe the skin. The disease itself can not be cured, but the symptoms can be alleviated.

But what helps in one case does not necessarily have to have a positive effect on all concerned. Some remedies have actually worked. Experiences confirm it: Argan oil against psoriasis is worth a try, the affected skin areas change visibly and noticeably.

The emergence of psoriasis

Psoriasis or psoriasis can be counted among the autoimmune diseases. Their development requires genetic causes, but is triggered by the coincidence of several triggers. Risk factors that lead to an outbreak are, for example

  • External injuries of the skin
  • Respiratory infections
  • A range of common medicines and chemical substances
  • Damp-hot climate
  • stress
  • hormone fluctuations
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Alcohol or nicotine consumption

If the disease breaks down, the epidermis layers begin to grow uncontrollably and renew seven times faster than in healthy humans. The skin peels off in places scaly – the affected areas are inflamed, itching and redness. In some cases, the affected areas of skin are clearly visible on the face or hands, in other cases they can be concealed under clothing. Due to itching and inflammation, the disease is very stressful.

The skin surfaces can enlarge, fold regions of the body or the fingernails and toenails attack. Likewise, internal organs or joints can be affected. Rarely, the entire skin is affected, which can lead to life-threatening situations.

Cause treatment is not possible, but the symptoms can be controlled and alleviated by medications, targeted sun and saline baths and sophisticated skin care. Unsuitable for care are all synthetic care products, all containing preservatives or traces of hydrocarbons (mineral oil substances). Natural, pure vegetable oils are better suited. The rule is: the drier the skin, the richer and richer creams and lotions may be, the more carefully soaps and washing syndets must be used.

What effect does argan oil have on the symptoms of psoriasis and why?

Psoriasis patients suffer from dry skin that needs both: moisture and fat. The use of argan oil provides both and additionally improves the ability of the skin to bind even moisture.

As a bio-quality vegetable oil, it is predestined to help psoriasis patients. The fact is that the substances contained in the argan oil help the skin to better bind moisture. Furthermore, the polyunsaturated fatty acids and phytochemicals have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

A special effect of argan oil is, above all, to relieve the tormenting itching fairly quickly. The contained tocopherols and phytostenols can also protect the skin against harmful environmental influences.

Because not every remedy achieves the same effect on every patient, it’s worth trying a smaller amount of pure, cold-pressed argan oil. Corresponding studies are not available. But at least no negative consequences are to be feared and it is always worth a try.

What experiences have users made?

As with many natural remedies, argan oil works wonders for some patients, while others only notice a slight improvement. A number of psoriasis patients report very positive experiences such as the spontaneous easing of itching. Argan oil is not a miracle cure, but it can bring significant relief or even a small therapeutic breakthrough for some people affected.

Also, the experiences that are found under the linked product here (we are neither manufacturers nor we have a connection to the recommended argan oil) are consistently positive. You have to give nature the chance to put everything right again. Industrially manufactured drugs are far from always the better option.

Argan oil against psoriasis: The right application

Argan oil against psoriasis acts as a skin care product (a few drops are applied to the affected areas and massaged), but even if it is taken. For skin care, it can be used neat or mixed, for example, with a pack of healing earth. Up to three teaspoons per day can be taken neat, in salad dressings or spreads.

Which argan oil is to be used against psoriasis?

For skin and hair care is always the unroasted, cold-pressed argan oil recommended. On the one hand, it provides the skin with the full, unfiltered spectrum of its bioactive agents. On the other hand, it is often minimally cheaper. The cold-pressed argan oil is won by machine, not by hand. It is odorless, but often tastes a bit bitter or soapy.

Who would like to take the argan oil for therapy support, better chooses the variant of roasted seeds. The ingredients are hardly affected by the traditional, slow roasting process over the open fire, but this oil tastes simply better. In addition, Manuka honey could be applied to the affected areas. The effect of Manuka honey can be explained by the vitamins contained.

Conclusion: Argan oil relieves the symptoms of psoriasis

Whether the argan oil with psoriasis (psoriasis) unfolds its healing and skin-protecting effect is individually different. In forums and blogs many users report good experiences and a noticeable relief of the symptoms. Argan oil definitely deserves a chance.

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